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Une Saison En Enfer, Mon Amour
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Created and produced by Bat, Kallisti, Marquis Déjà Dû, and Melusine, this site has been online since 1997. It's a labyrinth of many sections and indulgences in art, literature, history, humor, and absinthe.
Suffering is Hip
Sepulchritude's current 'zine


THE BAT CAFE is a mixed bag of tricks where Mordantia Bat stows her various writing, projects, experiments, and table scraps that didn't really belong anywhere else.

Pull up a chair and lounge a bit.

Main sections and projects are listed on the left and include older projects as well as more current and ongoing offerings. 

To easily find announcements of site updates, go to the page of archived site updates category in Extispicy.  For Sepulchritude site update announcements, SepulchriNews also has its own archive page for site update announcements.


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