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Three of my older novels are available, each formatted into an ebook-like PDF. If you're interested in reading any of them, please just drop me a note to request how to access them, as they're currently in a semi-private directory (as they're technically unpublished works).

Brief descriptions of the three novels:

An anti-romance romance written in the mid-to-late 80s about deathrockers, misfits, artists, and other postpunk sub-culture-type post-pubescents all hanging about in a made-up California Central Valley suburb.

(Bottled Air, btw, is a phonetic pun on “Baudelaire” ... one of the characters sniffs about the other character being into Baudelaire and refers to that ilk of poetry as “Bottled Air” because of it.)

As this story was actually written in the 80s, it is now good fun nostalgia.


An alternate history novel set in a dystopian goddess-worshipping society. The main character is Ansata, a disgruntled death priestess. (written in 1991)


A quirky mystery novel. When Maja Senj's granddaughter turns up murdered, she uses her eclectic store of knowledge in occult and mystical subjects to“investigate” the murder on a more esoteric plane (as she insists her granddaughter had been killed by an incubus) while her grandson and the police try to conduct the temporal investigation. Mimes, incubi, and demons! (written in 1999)




PDF version of a booklet of my older poetry (1982-1996). The actual booklet, which is entitled "Beverages & Other Indulgences" was something I made as a birthday gift in 1997 for le Marquis Déjà Dû, as he had always professed a fondness for my erratic poems. The PDF version is a re-creation of the original booklet.

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